Margaret Elizabeth Harrison, age 66Hernando County, Weeki Wachee, FL – On July 23, 2013, woman from Tampa Bay was found crushed to death under a homemade elevator at a friends house.

According to the Sheriff’s office in Hernando County, Margaret Elizabeth Harrison, age 66, was going to her friends house early Tuesday morning, but never showed up.

In anticipation of her friend arriving, Jean Blair sent the outside elevator down to the first floor. After a bit more than an hour, her friend didn’t show and called Margaret Harrison’s boyfriend, Frank Jorr.

When Frank Jorr showed up to the house, he found his girlfriend Margaret Harrison pinned under the elevator.

When officials showed up, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

The elevator was created by Blair’s husband by using a forklift, wood, and welded metal, but had never gotten a permit for the machine, and has since been shut down. The elevator was made in the 90′s when the house was constructed and can reach the ground in 13 seconds.

Robert Blair was quoted saying, “It’s a mystery. All we can do is speculate.”

Margaret Harrison’s death was ruled an accident.