Polk County, Lakeland, FL – Jennifer Christine Fichter, age 29, who’s currently accused of having sex with one of her students, not only was accused once before last year, but also lost a job in Orange County, and is under investigation by the DCF for having sex with an 8th grader.

In the Fall of 2008, Jennifer Fichter resigned from Robinswood Middle School after being suspended by the administrators who had then launched an investigation. The investigation gathered was more than 40 pages in the internal affairs report.

According to another teacher, Fichter revealed she had feelings for the student and wanted to have sex with him and mentioned, “He makes me melt into a puddle with those eyes.”

Fichter even mentioned about dreams she had about the boy saying at one time, “Oh my goodness, it was a good dream.” The two sat there and joked about the possibility of going to jail.

Six years later, Fichter is now in jail accused of having sex with a minor more than 30 times, places ranging from the back of her car, her apartment, and other places.

As the news has been coming out, another family has come out claiming Jennifer Fichter had inappropriate conversations with their 17 year old son early last year.

She is currently held for having a sexual relationship with a 17 year old student, whom she got pregnant by and had an abortion.

Fichter was recently arrested and charged with 6 counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor and 1 charge of sexual battery by a person greater than 24 with a victim age 16 or 17.

Jennifer Christine Fichter has been released from jail for now and is currently scheduled for trial soon, but this makes you have to wonder, how was she able to get a job teaching in Polk County after having past allegations?

We will keep you updated as we get more of this as it happens.

Arrest Inquiry (click to enlarge):Jennifer Christine Fichter, age 29 court information

Jennifer Christine Fichter, age 29 court information 2