George Joseph Burns, age 44Midalia Silverio Dunn, age 43Monroe County, Key Largo, FL – A confrontation between a couple and a family over words and theft of a pizza turns into a brawl at a Key Largo bar.

The couple, George Joseph Burns, age 44, and Midalia Silverio Dunn, age 43, walked to a family eating pizza inside Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill Bar Thursday night.

According to reports from Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, George Burns and Midalia Dunn tried to take pizza from the group, a couple, their 21 year old daughter, and the daughters friend, and began to call the girls fat.

During the name calling and taking of the pizza, Burns hit both girls knocking one to the ground.

Both George Burns and Midalia Dunn left the Big Chill Bar, but not alone as they were being followed by the father and a fight broke out between him and George Burns.

During the fight, a woman told Midalia Dunn to move away so she won’t get hurt, but Dunn hit her.

George Burns and Midalia Dunn were taken to Mariner’s Hospital and treated for injuries. After they were arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

The couple were released Friday by posting bonds; George Joseph Burns on a $6,000 bond and Midalia Silverio Dunn on a $2,000 bond.

  • Remy

    What a pathetic couple…

  • Remy

    What a pathetic couple…

  • Pamela Gautreaux

    people looking for trouble – grown up bullies