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Google Adsense or Fraudsense – Former Google Employee “Supposedly” Leaks Adsense Inside Policies

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Mother gets drunk at bar and leaves kids in car

Mom Leaves Kids In Car To Get Drunk At Bar

Volusia County, DeBary, FL – On Monday, A DeBary mother faced a judge on child neglect charges. Deputies for Volusia County said that Cheryn Scaggs, age 30, went to Shotz[Read More...]

2nd grade teacher has party with teens and alcohol

Teacher Throws Party With Alcohol For Juveniles

Lake County, Clermont, FL – Antonia Marino, age 43 and a 2nd grade elementary school teacher for Pine Ridge Elementary in Clermont, was arrested Sunday morning when deputies say they[Read More...]

Bouncer Shot Over Spilled Drink

Bouncer Shot Over Spilled Drink

Marion County, Ocala, FL – Deon Sutton, age 27, is accused of shooting the bouncer, Josue Santiago age 25, for spilling his drink at the Ocala Entertainment Complex. An argument[Read More...]

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Hit and Run land college freshman in jail

Hit and Run Involving Officer Leads UCF Freshman In Jail

Orange County, Orlando, FL – Gina Thais Garcia Ronquillo, age 18 and a University of Central Florida Student, was arrested on a DUI charge among others. Around 12:40 a.m. a[Read More...]

Sexually Battered 50 year old woman with fingers.

Tables Turned In Sexual Assault

Volusia County, Daytona, FL – At about 5:30 a.m., a 50 year old woman awakes to being battered by a 19 year old males fingers. At first the woman thought[Read More...]

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Mother goes out to party, leaves 9 month old and 3 year old home alone.

Young Mother Leaves 2 Babies At Home To Go Party

St. Lucie County, Fort Pierce, FL – Alisha Esch, age 20, left her two children home alone, Friday night, after she went to her friends house where she drank so[Read More...]

Woman Stabbed In Chest Over Alcohol

Woman Stabbed In Chest Over Alcohol

Seminole County, Oviedo, FL – Thomas Price, age 50, stabbed his ex-wife, Maria Coschignano, in her chest at their home. Transported by paramedics, Maria is reported to be in stable[Read More...]

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Man Calls 911 For Ride to Mexico or Friends

Man Calls 911 For A Ride To Mexico

Immokalee, FL. – Alvaro Francisco, a 26 year old Immokalee man, has been arrested after calling 911 10 times seeking a ride to Mexico or other places, authorities said. The[Read More...]