Bradford County, Starke, FL – In Bradford County, Signs with red reflection are being staked into the ground outside of the homes of Sexual Predators.

According to Sheriff Gordon Smith, he says it’s about making the community know they are safe where they live. He goes on to say, “If it prevents one more victim in my community, I’ve done my job as sheriff.”

Sheriff Smith stated that the signs will only be put up for sexual predators and not sexual offenders as they are two different things. He also goes to explain that a sexual predator is somebody who’s been convicted of a first-degree felony that’s sexual in nature or multiple second-degree felonies that are sexual in nature.

At the cost of only $10, 18 signs have been made and will be cemented into the ground on public property right away.

On Oak street in Stark, John Goodman will soon have a sign posted bearing his name and he was unaware of this.

John Goodman said from the door of his home, “I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t do things like that anymore.” He also states he has no problems with the signs.

According to the Sheriff, the first sign will go up on the outskirts of Starke, and then the rest to follow.

Sheriff Gordon Smith was quoted saying, “I have no sympathy for predators, my main goal is to protect children and senior adults.”