Murder Involving Xbox, Knives, and Zodiac Signs


Broward County, Lauderhill, FL – A crazy story was told to the deputies of the Broward County police department, by a man who claimed he needed to find a victim who had a Taurus zodiac sign, when he talked about the stabbing of his live in girlfriend on Easter Sunday.

On the early morning on Easter Sunday at the residence on the 2200 block of Northwest 55th Terrace, Darrius Johnson, age 22, according to statements, beat and stabbed repeatedly Monica Gooden, age 20.

The first time Johnson came in contact with the police was on that Sunday as he walked injured on the 2800 block of the same street he lives on.

While Johnson was receiving medical attention from what appeared to be minor stab wounds that occurred during an alleged burglary, he told the police what happened to his girlfriend, Monica Gooden.

The officer asked where Monica was, Johnson replied, “She’s in heaven, I think I killed her.”

Around 5 p.m. Sunday, officers went to the address given to check on Monica Gooden, but when they got to the home, the front door was partially opened, and a blood trail led to a back bedroom where her body lied lifeless on the ground.

According to reports, investigation found no defense wounds on Goodens hands, but did find she was stabbed multiple times in the back, chin, neck, and stomach at approximately 6 a.m. Sunday morning.

Near Goodens body, police found a broken and bloody X-Box 360 gaming system and three knives.

The police state Johnson said the victim had control over his spirit and the couple had fought over his wanting a relative to live with them.

Johnson also told the police that Gooden would not die, and he fought her like he was fighting a dragon. Johnson goes on to say he “sacrificed” Gooden for his and her benefit, and he knew it would have to be someone with a Taurus sign.

At first, according to reports, Johnson was going to target his grandfather, but decided not to since he was an elderly man with medical issues.

But the story does not end there.

Johnson was also accused of going into a woman’s patio later that Sunday on the 2800 block of Northwest 55th St, and punched her in the face and body.

Reports state that the woman’s nephew heard the screams and began to fight with Johnson, even stabbing Johnson with a knife multiple times.

Police say the nephew of the woman will not be charged at this time as he was protecting his house and family.

Darrius Johnson is being held in the Broward County located in Fort Lauderdale and is being charged with premeditated murder and Burglary with Assault or Battery.

  • fury

    Some people just scare me..

  • Sohot Leggers

    This guy… This guy is just NUTS! what the hell is going on in Florida :|

  • Sohot Leggers

    This guy… This guy is just NUTS! what the hell is going on in Florida :|