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Deltona Peeping Voyeur Arrested For Same Crime In A Year
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Google Adsense or Fraudsense – Former Google Employee “Supposedly” Leaks Adsense Inside Policies

Man Goes Crazy, Fights Police Naked

Man Goes Crazy, Fights Police Naked

Orange County, Orlando, FL = A fight ensued on Thursday night after an Orlando man posted threats over Facebook, between a naked man and police officers. The battle that took[Read More...]

Ice Cream Bandit Now Behind Bars

Ice Cream Bandit Now Behind Bars

Orange County, Orlando, FL – The cost of a $3.25 ice cream sundae ended up costing an Orlando man at the price of a $1,000 bond. On Wednesday about 1:30[Read More...]

Woman Arrested For Attacking Mans Genitals

Woman Arrested For Attacking Mans Genitals

Orange County, Orlando, FL – Priscilla Vaughn, age 29 and an escort, was arrested on attempted second degree murder charges, but not just any type of attempted murder, at Crestwood[Read More...]

Male stripper forces his way into homes demanding sex.

Male Stripper Caught Breaking Into Homes, Demanding Sex

Orange County, Winter Park, FL – Two victims of the same crime, but different apartments are feeling the affects of a 2.a.m. break in. Alix Chery, age 22, broke into[Read More...]

Nora Silva stabs her sons bullies claiming to protect him.

A Mother Stabs Teens Fighting With Her Son

Orange County, Orlando, FL – Monday afternoon, a school bus just letting out kids ready to go home from a long day of school, ends with 2 juveniles getting stabbed[Read More...]

Hit and Run land college freshman in jail

Hit and Run Involving Officer Leads UCF Freshman In Jail

Orange County, Orlando, FL – Gina Thais Garcia Ronquillo, age 18 and a University of Central Florida Student, was arrested on a DUI charge among others. Around 12:40 a.m. a[Read More...]

Employee caught stealing customers credit card information and trying to get others to help.

Restaurant Employee Caught Skimming Customers Cards

Orange County, Orlando, FL – Yahira Toro, age 22, is facing charges as of Wednesday, accused of stealing credit card information from customers at New York Diner on Semoran Blvd.[Read More...]

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Wrongfully Arrested Colorado woman, spent jail time for old crime.

Colorado Woman Arrested By Mistake In Orange County

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Stolen Kegs From TGI Fridays

Over A Dozen Kegs Stolen From T.G.I. Friday’s

Orange County, Orlando, FL – Orlando police are investigating after they say someone broke into a T.G.I. Friday’s restaurant after hours and stole more than a dozen beer kegs. The[Read More...]

The Satanic Temple For Rick Scott

Satanics Rally For Rick Scott

Orange County, Orlando, FL – A rally is being held in support of Florida Governor Rick Scott by The Satanic Temple. The rally will be held later this month and[Read More...]