Orange County, Orlando, FL – A man called the power company to report a power problem, but ended up leading police to his huge marijuana grow house.

When Duke Energy power company showed up to the house, in Canyon Ridge Subdivision near Clarcona Ocoee Road, to investigate the problem, they could see wires were tampered with and also found illegal power being sent to the house.

Investigators say when they showed up, they could smell the marijuana from across the street, and with the report from Duke Energy, gave them warrant to investigate the house.

Upon entering the house, they reported seeing so much marijuana in the house, it left for very little living space.

Robert White with the Corporal Narcotics Tip Squad said, “They were actually remodeling the back room into another grow operation, which was going to be even larger.”

According to witnesses, they were in awe in the amount of marijuana being carried out of the house, with some plants being over 6 feet tall.

One neighbor said he never noticed the smell, but did notice lots of expensive cars and well dressed people always going in and out of the house.

Even though there has been no arrests yet, between a signed rental agreement and the name that used for the power sign up, they feel they will catch the man shortley.

In the end Sheriff’s department and the neighbors are very happy to get an estimated $1,000,000 of marijuana off the streets.

  • Pamela Gautreaux

    what an idiot – what did he think they would do…

  • Stacy

    Sounds like a party to me! But still, if you are growing in your house, you do your own repairs!

  • Minion_Jen