Day Care Worker Released From Jail Child After Slapping Allegations


`Jacquline Clemente, Age 33Orange County, Apopka, FL – A woman who worked for Park Avenue Child Care, hit a child of 2 years old so hard on Tuesday, she had scratches and a bruised eye, has been released from jail.

The daycare is located in Apopka at 33 N Park Ave and is now called Wiggles and Giggles.

Jacqueline Clemente, age 33, has been charged with child abuse, neglect, and battery.

Jacqueline Clemente told police originally that the marks on the girls face was caused from scratching caused by an allergy, but the parents demanded the video from the surveillance system of the day care.

The day care owner, who is a former police officer for the Orlando Police Department, Tim Davis Sr., tried to interfere in the case by suggesting to the parents they should not involve the police.

According to reports, the police and a doctor examined the child and found hemorrhaging in her left eye.

Clemente was arrested and advised by the Department of Children and Families not to return to work until the investigation was over.

On Friday, parents dropping off their kids to the daycare received a letter from the owners explaining the situation of the arrest, claiming the reports by the Apopka Police were not true.

This is not the first time anyone from this school has been under investigation. Tim Davis Sr. recently found not guilty in a high-profile murder trial. Tim Davis claims that he shot his son, Tim Davis Jr. in self-defense because he feared fro his own life, and the life of family members during a fight with his son.