Jeri Meryl Rossello, age 45St. Lucie County, Port St. Lucie, FL – After expecting a woman to come by to pick up her belongings, the resident had pasta thrown, and was beat by the woman he was waiting for.

According to reports, police arrived to find a man pretty bruised up with blood on his lips and his house a mess with food on the floor, broken glass, and phone wires pulled from the wall.

While talking to the victim, police were told he was waiting for Jeri Meryl Rossello, age 45, to come by and pick up her stuff from his residence which were already packed and by the front door. But when Jeri got there, she began to verbally assault him then walked into the kitchen and grabbed a container of pasta and threw it at him, and then grabbed a coffee mug and smashed it against the wall.

As the victim went to call the police, Jeri Rossello pulled out the phone wires from the all and then punched the victim in his mouth.

When describing the way Jeri was acting the victim stated, “A crack head crazy person.”

After getting the victims side of what happened, the officer went to find Jeri Rossello.

Jeri told the officer that there was no altercation at all and said she knew nothing about the victim having a busted lip.

The officer realized she was lying, noticed no bruising on Jeri, and arrested her.

Jeri Meryl Rossello was charged with Battery and still being held on a $5,000 bond.

Arrest Inquiry (click to enlarge):Jeri Meryl Rossello, age 45 arrest inquiry